In the Belly of the Whale

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Shema Yisrael! Listen up, you who wrestle with God!
- J., In the Belly of the Whale

Are you seeking a powerful, moving, and discussion-stirring event? One that not only entertains, but also builds new bridges in the community? In the Belly of the Whale is available to perform in the United States and at international venues.

In addition, Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA teaches workshops that complement Whale and create an even more impactful event for your community. Offerings include:
  • Sacred Speaking / Embodied Prayer. This 3-hour workshop provides exercises to tap into our full power of expression, bringing prayer and chanting to an entirely new dimension. Focuses on how to use the body and voice to be more present and powerful, rather than on what is said. Often taught within Jewish contexts, but can be oriented toward any religious or spiritual tradition.
  • Stories of a People. This longer workshop takes participants through the process of interviewing elders or other members of a community, to preserve their stories. Culminates in a reading or performance, this powerful workshop brings together a community and creates new bonds.
To inquire about bringing Whale to your community, with Jonathan Bender as a teacher/artist-in-residence, email or call (415) 215-6485.

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