In the Belly of the Whale

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About In the Belly of the Whale

There's that spark in every Jewish person. No matter how far removed they are, that there's this sweet connection between us. It transcends anything I can explain.
- Miriam, In the Belly of the Whale

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Audience Reactions
WOW!! OUTSTANDING, INSPIRING, AWESOME (TRULY). As most Jews have, I’ve been struggling with these issues: belonging, observance, religion for our son, etc. for a lifetime. Nice to know we’re not alone.
Mike Braverman
Denver, CO

I consider myself to be an assimilated, secular Jew. I have to tell you how grateful I am for getting the chance to see Whale. I've found it difficult to participate in Jewish groups all my life because I feel so left out of the religion - the religion that I'm somehow bonded with by birth. Thank you for giving me a chance to participate, to add my little slice of Jewish-ness to the community.
Allison Volk
Denver, CO

“Phenomenal. Beautiful to see such a master at work.”
Monika Heinbaugh
Avon, CO

A most thought provoking exploration on the question that modernity posed for a Jew: Who am I? Covers the basis of our conflict and confusion about who we are and some of the ways out of it. The sell out is a testimony to the topic and the performer’s ability.
Rabbi Victor Gross
Boulder, CO

Moved me on multiple levels, both intellectually and emotionally. The characters in the story reflected many people in my life and, to some degree, parts of my own self. For anyone interested in understanding Jewish identity in the 21st century, or any ethnic identity, for that matter, this show is a must see.
Josh Keller
Austin, Texas

A provocative, spellbinding, and exciting performance. This play will make you laugh, yet it also touches on deep issues affecting the Jewish community today. A must see!!
Miriam Schwartz
St. Louis, Missouri